Why did 13 Reasons Why get banned?


Why did 13 Reasons Why get banned?

Why did 13 Reasons Why get banned?

2013. Challenged for drugs, alcohol, smoking, being sexually explicit, suicide, and being unsuited for age group.

Is 13 Reasons Why Real or fake?

Yes, 13 Reasons Why is based on a popular teen novel of the same name written by Jay Asher. ... Though the novel isn't based on a true story, Asher did open up about the situations being based “loosely” on situations that happened in real life.

Is 13 Reasons Why a banned book?

However, according to the American Library Association, the 13 Reasons Why novel was the most banned book in American schools for the year, in 2017, which is when season one first aired. ... However, going forward, Netflix decided to continue with four seasons and cancel it afterwards as it promises a 'natural conclusion'.

Is 13 Reasons Why discontinued?

The controversial teen drama's final season was released with little fanfare by Netflix on Friday. Photo by DAVID MOIR/NETFLIX. After four years of traumatic storylines that involved teen suicide, sexual assault, gun violence, homophobia, drug abuse, and mental health, 13 Reasons Why has come to an end.

Why was speak banned?

In 2020, the book was named the fourth most banned and challenged book in the United States "because it was thought to contain a political viewpoint and it was claimed to be biased against male students, and for the novel's inclusion of rape and profanity."

Why is The Hate U Give banned?

It has also been banned or challenged from schools because it includes strong language and discusses important topics like racism and the intersection of police brutality and bias and is thought to promote an anti-police message according to ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom.

Was Hannah Baker a liar?

Hannah Baker didn't lie; she told the story from her perspective, and that's the only thing any of us can be expected to do. Our perception of events is a subjective thing, and we act or react based on that. We all do, even now.

Does anyone get pregnant in 13 Reasons Why?

Season one of Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why saw Hannah (played by Katherine Langford) raped by jock Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) which was a contributing factor to her taking her own life. However, it may be that the assault resulted in Hannah falling pregnant.

Will Thirteen Reasons Why have a season 5?

Why 13 Reasons Why Won't Get a Season 5 on Netflix.

Why did Netflix cancel 13 Reasons Why season 4?

And you cannot apply a PG-13 or TV-14 rating to programming which, by the industry's own guidelines, requires an R or TV-MA for explicit dialogue. We call on Netflix immediately to remove '13 Reasons Why' from its 'Teen' programming category and to cease marketing other explicit content as appropriate for children.”

What is the summary of thirteen reasons why?

  • Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher is the heartrending tale of a teen suicide from the dual perspectives of Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker . The author was inspired to write the novel based on incidents that happened in his high school. Hannah Baker, a sophomore at Liberty High School, committed suicide two weeks ago.

What is the plot of 13 reasons why?

  • Thirteen Reasons Why follows the story of Clay Jensen, as he returns home from school to find a mysterious package on his bed. When he opens it, he finds seven cassette tapes. Upon inserting them into his family’s cassette player, he discovers were recorded by Hannah Baker, a girl that he went to school with who recently committed suicide.

Who are the actors in 13 reasons why?

  • Katherine Langford , a new Australian actress, has been cast in the role of Hannah Baker — she of the 13 reasons. The 13 Reasons Why TV series cast also includes: Brandon Flynn , Christian Navarro, Alisha Boe, Justin Prentice , Devin Druid , Miles Heizer , and Ross Butler.

Who plays Jeff in 13 reasons why?

  • Septem) is a recurring character in 13 Reasons Why. He is portrayed by Brandon Larracuente. Jeff was a student at Liberty High School . He was Liberty High 's star baseball player.

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