What happened to Agent Hightower in the mentalist?


What happened to Agent Hightower in the mentalist?

What happened to Agent Hightower in the mentalist?

In the fourth season, she was replaced as the boss of Lisbon's team by Luther Wainwright. She returns in the sixth season, she faked her own and her children's death to prevent Red John from "cleaning house" after he killed Lorelei Martins .

Is Hightower a killer?

Christopher Hightower was convicted in 1993 for the murders of Ernest and Alice Brendel and their 8-year-old daughter Emily.

Why does Hightower take Jane hostage?

Jane realises that Hightower might be identified from the fingerprints found at Montegro's crime scene. He pries Hightower away from the briefing and tells her about the Johnson's connection to Red John. Having established Hightower's innocence, Jane lets her use him as a hostage to escape from the CBI headquarters.

Is Kristina Frye Red John?

Kristina claimed to have a vision of Patrick's dead wife in which Patrick's wife told her that their daughter never woke up during the murders and was never scared. ... Many viewers suspected her to be Red John, but this theory was disproved after her "death" in The Blood on His Hands.

Does Hightower fire in Lisbon?

In a showdown at Hightower's hideout, O'Laughlin shoots Lisbon and reveals himself to be the true Red John plant/accomplice. After Lisbon musters enough strength to distract O'Laughlin, Van Pelt and Hightower fatally shoot him in tandem.

Who killed Ardiles in the mentalist?

Richard Haibach It was revealed his phone was bugged, and was killed at the end of the episode. His killers were revealed to be Richard Haibach and his sister in White as the Driven Snow.

Why was Red John after Hightower?

Hightower was among the 5 suspects of Todd Johnson's murder by fire. Red John framed her so CBI wouldn't find out about the real murderer and also his accomplice. But after Hightower ran away and started hiding, why was RJ still after her?

Who is Don Bowman in the mentalist?

Don Bowman is a man Jane put in jail in 2007, before the series began and the father of Rachel Bowman, he was a White-Collar criminal who made false statements, he killed the person who discovered him. He died in prison from an Unknown Infection.

Who killed Hightower?

Jesse Allen Lane, Hightower's ex-boyfriend, 29 at the time, was charged in the murder, along with Charles Vernon, 29, and Stephanie Toney, 20.

Was Red John psychic?

RED JOHN WASN'T PSYCHIC. He couldn't have been or else he would have evaded his own death by Jane's hands.

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