How do you use remunerate in a sentence?


How do you use remunerate in a sentence?

How do you use remunerate in a sentence?

1. All the workers will be remunerated for their services at the exhibition. 2. He is poorly remunerated for all the work he does.

What part of speech is remunerate?

transitive verb remunerate
part of speech:transitive verb
inflections:remunerates, remunerating, remunerated
definition 1:to pay or compensate for services, goods, or losses. He was remunerated for the work he did. similar words: compensate, pay, reimburse, reward

How do you speak remuneration?

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How do you use bilk in a sentence?

Bilk in a Sentence 🔉

  1. If those bullies at school continue to bilk Victor out of his lunch money, his father is going to enroll him in Karate classes.
  2. Be careful with your inheritance because there are a lot of schemes designed to bilk novice investors with claims of easy money.

What is the noun form of remunerate?

remuneration. / (rɪˌmjuːnəˈreɪʃən) / noun. the act of remunerating. pay; recompense.

Is Renumerate a word?

(obsolete) To recount (count again).

What is the difference between salary and remuneration?

Remuneration is a broad-based term that is meant to represent all the ways in which an employee is compensated for labor and his or her role within a company. ... A salary, on the other hand, is a subset of remuneration, and refers to a fixed payment for labor or services that is provided on a regular basis.

What is the synonym of remuneration?

noun. 1'it's a demanding job which deserves adequate remuneration' payment, pay, salary, wages. earnings, fee, fees, stipend, emolument, emoluments, honorarium, remittance, consideration, reward, recompense, reimbursement, repayment.

What is a antonym for bilk?

ˈbɪlk) Escape, either physically or mentally. Antonyms. wasteful uncover enchant good-natured lengthwise uncross. evade escape elude get away.

How do you use Callous in a sentence?

Callous sentence example

  1. The man who stole from the poor was a callous thief. ...
  2. Kiera looked at Evelyn, astonished by her callous words. ...
  3. Stealing the coats was a callous act. ...
  4. That was a particularly callous act, which left her left hand painful and badly bruised.

What is remuneration meaning?

  • Freebase(1.00 / 1 vote)Rate this definition: Remuneration. Remuneration is the total compensation that an employee receives in exchange for the services he/she performed for the employer. Typically, this consists of monetary rewards, also referred to as wage or salary.

What does remuneration mean in economics?

  • Understanding Remuneration. The term remuneration implies total compensation. ...
  • Special Considerations. The minimum wage is the lowest remuneration an employer can legally pay most employees,assuming there are no other benefits of the job.
  • Remuneration FAQs. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about remuneration. ...

What does remuneration mean employee?

  • Employee Remuneration refers to the reward or compensation given to the employees for their work performances. Remuneration provides basic attraction to a employee to perform job efficiently and effectively.

What is compensation or remuneration?

  • The two terms have been used interchangeably or defined the same way countless number of times that it is difficult to draw a distinction. However, a common mistake is to think of Compensation as having the same meaning as Remuneration. The ideal way to distinguish the terms is to think of Compensation as referring to monetary payments while Remuneration refers to both monetary and non-monetary payments.

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