How fast does a Yamaha Majesty 400 go?


How fast does a Yamaha Majesty 400 go?

How fast does a Yamaha Majesty 400 go?

95 mph
Top speed & performance
Max torque36.3 ft-lb
Top speed95 mph
1/4 mile acceleration15.4 secs
Tank range160 miles
1 altra riga

How much does a Yamaha Majesty weigh?

Yamaha YP 400 Majesty
ModelYamaha YP 400 Majesty
Wheelbase1564.6 mm / 61.6 in
Seat Height750 mm / 29.5 in
Dry Weight1.4 lbs
Fuel Capacity14 Litres / 3.7 US in

How much does a Suzuki Burgman 400 weight?

Suzuki AN 400 Burgman
Make ModelSuzuki AN 400 Burgman
Dry Weight1 lbs
Fuel Capacity13 Litres / 3.4 US gal
Consumption Average5.5 L/100 km / 18.2 km/l / 42.8 US mpg
Standing ¼ Mile17.2 sec

How fast does a Yamaha Majesty go?

Given the 90mph top speed of the Majesty, it might not make sense to shell out thousands more for a 600cc scooter unless you're particularly power hungry.

How much does a for a Yamaha 400 it weigh?

Yamaha Majesty 400 Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Front Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions267 mm (10.5 inches)
Rear Brakes Dimensions - Disc Dimensions267 mm (10.5 inches)
Curb Weight (including fluids)-
Dry Weight197.0 kg (434.3 pounds)

Is Suzuki Burgman worth buying?

It is indeed a very likeable family scooter scooter with retro styling that would appeal to a more mature audience. It's comfortable, frugal and even agile, which makes it a worthwhile option for most buyers. ... Well, despite being a really good scooter, Rs 9,000 over the Access is a bit too much of an asking price.

How many horsepower is a Suzuki Burgman 400?

2018 – Present Burgman 400 Key Specs: Power: 30. RPM, 26.5 lbs-ft torque @ 4800 RPM. Bore/Stroke: 81.0 x 77.6 mm. Compression Ratio: 10.6:1.

How much is a 2002 Big Bear 400 worth?

Suggested List PriceAverage Retail
Base Price$5,199$1,530
Options (Change)
Total Price$5,199$1,530

How much HP does a Yamaha 400 have?

The XS400 had a four-stroke, air-cooled, overhead-cam straight-twin engine with a 180° crank angle, which reduces linear vibration at the cost of some axial vibration....Yamaha XS400.
Engine4-stroke 400 cc air-cooled engine
Top speed175 km/h (109 mph)
Power36 bhp ( rpm

How much does a Suzuki Burgman cost?

Bigger Burgman brother. More power for the urban sprawl. The Suzuki Burgman 400 delivers reliable power from the 399cc single-cylinder engine making it the bigger brother to the Suzuki Burgman 200....2020 Suzuki Burgman 400 Claimed Specifications.
Wet Weight:474 lb.

What kind of motor does a Yamaha Majesty 400 have?

  • Yamaha Majesty 400 Specs. The Yamaha Majesty 400 model is a Scooter bike manufactured by Yamaha . In this version sold from year 2004 , the dry weight is 197.0 kg (434.3 pounds) and it is equiped with a Two cylinder boxer, four-stroke motor.

Is the Yamaha YP400 Majesty worth the money?

  • The Yamaha YP400 Majesty is a fair bit heavier than the 250, but has beefed up suspension and a much more touring biased set of bodywork panels. It's supremely comfortable, good on fuel, but the 125/250 Majesty makes a better commuter than the Yamaha YP400 Majesty and the T-Max makes a better maxi scooter for another £700.

Is the Yamaha Majesty a good bike to buy?

  • If you’re in the market for a highway capable maxi-scoot, the Majesty makes a lot of sense as you can often find good deals on lightly used examples. Yamaha’s Majesty was a good performing midsized maxiscoot with a highway capable top speed.

What color is the seat on a Yamaha Majesty?

  • Color is Charcoal Silver with tan seat. For sale Yamaha Majesty in excellent condition A cross between a scooter and a motorcycle, the majesty is a rugged and reliable machine that provides enough power to run at highway speeds while also boasting of enough room for two to go with ample storage space. Run at highway speeds and cruise around town.

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