Is Netflix undercover a true story?


Is Netflix undercover a true story?

Is Netflix undercover a true story?

The plot is loosely inspired by the real-life arrest of Janus van W, one of the world's most notorious drug dealers, following a 14-year investigation by authorities in Belgium and the Netherlands.

What language is spoken in undercover on Netflix?

Olandese Inglese Undercover/Lingue

How many episodes of Undercover are on Netflix?

29 Undercover/Numero di puntate

Who does the voice overs for undercover?

CharacterOriginal ActorDub Actor
Kim De RooijAnna DrijverAshleigh Giron (Season One) Leigh Wulff (Season Two)
Danielle BoumanElise SchaapCherami Leigh
John ZwartRaymond ThiryKirk Thornton
Nick JanssensManou KerstingRichard Epcar

What's the best crime drama on Netflix?

Best crime dramas on Netflix right now

  • Giri/Haji. This story follows the ripple effect one mystery murder has across two cities, London and Tokyo. ...
  • Luther. ...
  • Mindhunter. ...
  • Making a Murderer. ...
  • Dexter. ...
  • Line of Duty. ...
  • Unbelievable.

Is Ferry Bouman a real person?

For viewers who aren't versed with it, the television series follows the real-life drug kingpin, Ferry Bouman who ran one of the world's largest XTC (ecstasy) networks. The film portrays his early life before he turned into a drug lord.

Is Flemish Dutch?

After all, Flemish is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as the “Dutch language spoken in Northern Belgium”. So, the terms 'Flemish' and 'Belgian Dutch' actually refer to the same language. Whatever you do with this new-found knowledge, please do not head to Flanders to tell the locals they speak a dialect of Dutch.

How many seasons are there of undercover?

3 Undercover/Numero di stagioni

Is there a third series of undercover?

Undercover Season 3 will be released on Janu.

How many seasons are there in undercover?

3 Undercover/Numero di stagioni

When is season 2 of undercover?

  • Season 2 of K.C. Undercover was confirmed by TVLine on . It premiered on Ma with a one-hour special. on Disney Channel. Production began in September 2015 and ended on .

What are the best detective shows on Netflix?

  • - Sherlock. - Jonathan Creek. - Fargo. - Luther. - River. - The Killing. - Wallander. - Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. - Mindhunter. - Limitless.

Who are the cast members of Casey undercover?

  • The KC Undercover TV series cast includes Zendaya, Kadeem Hardison, Tammy Townsend, Kamil McFadden, Veronica Dunne, and Trinitee Stokes.

What crime shows are on Netflix?

  • Breaking Bad
  • Mindhunter N
  • Ozark N
  • Narcos N
  • Peaky Blinders N
  • When They See Us N
  • Narcos: Mexico N
  • American Crime Story
  • Broad Church
  • Sherlock

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