How long does it take to drive the Grossglockner?


How long does it take to drive the Grossglockner?

How long does it take to drive the Grossglockner?

about one and a half hours How long does it take to drive the Grossglockner? The drive is very scenic throughout the season and among the most scenic panoramic roads in Europe, with views of numerous mountain summits. Plan about one and a half hours to complete the drive without stops.

Is Grossglockner hard to climb?

Climbing the Grossglockner can be an easy climb or a technical traverse. You need to come prepared with the appropriate mountaineering equipment, depending on the level of your ascent.

What region is the Grossglockner in?

Grossglockner Location of Grossglockner in Austria
LocationCarinthia & East Tyrol, Austria
Parent rangeHohe Tauern

Is Grossglockner High Alpine Road open?

Opening hours of the Grossglockner High Alpine Road May: 06.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m. (last entrance 07.15 p.m.) June, July, August: 05.30 a.m. to 09.00 p.m. (last entrance 08.15 p.m.) September: 06.00 a.m. - 07.30 p.m. (last entrance 06.45 p.m.)

How high is Grossglockner High Alpine Road?

8,215′ Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße/Altitudine

How long does it take to drive the Grossglockner High Alpine Road?

about one and a half hours Grossglockner High Alpine Road Drive We left Salzburg to the start of the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse (at Bruck an der Grossglockner), the drive took about one and a half hours. The Grossglockner Road is between Fusch-Ferleiten in Salzburg to Heiligenblut in Carinthia.

Who first climbed Grossglockner?

Matthias Hautzendorfer Martin KlotzSepp KlotzMartin Reicher Großglockner/Primi a raggiungere la vetta

How do I get to Grossglockner from Salzburg?

There is no direct connection from Salzburg to Großglockner. However, you can take the train to Zell Am See then take the travel to Großglockner. Alternatively, you can take the line 170 bus to Golling a.d.S. Bahnhof, take the walk to Golling-Abtenau, take the train to Lend, then take the travel to Großglockner.

How high is the Grossglockner in Austria?

12,461′ Großglockner/Altezza The striking mountain towers above the entire region at 3,798 m, and is at the same time the highest summit of the Alpine Republic. Visitors from all over the world flock from the Grossglockner High Alpine Road to the centre of the national park every year.

What's the highest point in Austria?

Austria's highest mountain and centrepiece of the High Tauern National Park

  • The Grossglockner – Austria's landmark. The “black mountain” rises 3,798 m above a sea of three hundred 3,000 m peaks surrounding it. ...
  • The Grossglockner glacier – allegedly perpetual ice. ...
  • The Grossglockner habitat – home to humans and animals.

What is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road?

  • Austria’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road (Großglockner Hochalpenstraße in German) is a paved serpentine road that steers you into the heart of Hohe Tauern National Park in the Austrian Alps and directly to the base of the Grossglockner (3,798 m), Austria’s highest mountain. This is simply one of Europe’s finest mountain roads.

What to do in Grossglockner?

  • Grossglockner and the High Alpine Road. Driving through the High Alpine Road, the highest route in Europe in a sunny day and visit the "Visitor Center Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe" at 2,359m high to see the panorama view of the highest mountain area of and the Grossglockner which is the highest mountain in Austria....

Where is the Grossglockner Glacier?

  • It is part of the larger Glockner Group of the Hohe Tauern range, situated along the main ridge of the Central Eastern Alps and the Alpine divide. The Pasterze, Austria's most extended glacier, lies on the Grossglockner's eastern slope.

Is the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße worth a visit?

  • Highly accessible, although pricey, the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße is an unforgettable way to spend a day. Construction on this 48-km road began in 1930 and was completed five years later. Today, 900,000 people visit each year.

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