Cosa sono le extrasistole atriali?


Cosa sono le extrasistole atriali?

Cosa sono le extrasistole atriali?

Le extrasistole sono battiti che nascono dalle camere superiori (atri) o inferiori del cuore (ventricoli), in una sede differente da quella da cui normalmente origina il ritmo cardiaco (nodo del seno).

What are extrasystoles and how dangerous are they?

  • Extrasystoles can sometimes be a feature of cardiac disease, and even in people with otherwise apparently normal hearts, extrasystoles occurring during exercise and in the recovery period after exercise can have increased mortality risk. Premature beats are common in normal children and teenagers.

What are atrial extrasystoles (PACs)?

  • Atrial extrasystoles (premature atrial contractions; PACs) are common in healthy people with normal hearts, especially with advancing age, but can also occur when there is increased pressure on the atria, such as in cardiac failure or mitral valve disease; in such cases, they may arise prior to the development of atrial fibrillation.

What are supraventricular extrasystole phenomena?

  • Such phenomena are observed and analyzed by an AICD for early detection of fibrillation risks. Supraventricular extrasystoles, emerging in the atria, may be identified in the ECG as additional, earlier occurring, regular ECG complexes.

What is the difference between a VPB and an extrasystole?

  • If VPBs originate from multiple ventricular areas, they are usually of different morphology (polymorphic VPBs). Extrasystoles are additional heart beats, evoked by an irregular internal or external excitation source. Single and only occasionally appearing extrasystoles, as a rule, are not clinically treated.

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