Does Virgin Active still exist?


Does Virgin Active still exist?

Does Virgin Active still exist?

Virgin Active is a chain of health clubs in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom....Virgin Active.
TypeJoint venture
FounderRichard Branson, Matthew Bucknall
HeadquartersLondon , England

What makes Virgin Active different?

That's why we offer innovative features such as our sleep pods, altitude training and salt rooms and even experiential showers, plus flexible and transparent membership options. Globally recognised brand: Virgin Active is part of the Virgin Group, founded by Sir Richard Branson.

Is Virgin Active International?

We are the world's leading health club and a global brand with 238 clubs in 8 countries.

Can I go to other Virgin Active?

You have access to: Your own club, ALL clubs in Group 2-4 on the following pages. You may have ONE free visit per month to ONE club from Group 1. Further visits to Group 1 will require a member's guest fee.

Can you franchise Virgin Active?

Of the larger fitness clubs in South Africa, Planet Fitness offers fully owned excellent fitness franchises, while Virgin Active does not. A franchise may be a good way in which to start a fitness gym.

Why is Virgin Active successful?

Virgin Active's success has been built on a strategy that focuses on three key factors: Location; the use of precise demographics to ensure the clubs are situated in large catchments where the demand will support building large facilities.

Who is the owner of Virgin Active?

Virgin Group Virgin Active/Organizzazioni principali

Is Virgin Active owned by Richard Branson?

Sir Richard Branson has reason to celebrate as his Virgin Active gym business was bought by the financial group Bait. According to The Independent, the private equity group is backed by one of South Africa's richest men, Christo Wiese. ... In South Africa, Virgin Active owns 114 gyms across the entire country.

Do you get towels at Virgin Active?

Grab a fresh towel every time you visit the club.

Does Virgin Active have day passes?

Guests to Virgin Active must present a form of photo ID (e.g. Driving License) to redeem their complimentary Day Pass. Please note that opening times differ from club to club. Please see your club page for full details.

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