Che zona è Villa Borghese?


Che zona è Villa Borghese?

Che zona è Villa Borghese?

Villa Borghese è la zona urbanistica 2X del Municipio Roma II di Roma Capitale. Si estende sul quartiere Q. III Pinciano. Prende il nome dalla omonima villa.

What is the history of Villa Borghese?

  • Villa Borghese (also called Villa Pinciana) is an English-style public park in the center of Rome full of monuments, gardens, statues and exciting views whose construction began in 1606 by the will of Cardinal Scipione Caffarelli Borghese, nephew of Pope Paul V.

What to do in Borghese?

  • Villa Borghese is a fusion of attractions with museums, sculptures, monuments, fountains, gardens, sports facilities, cinemas, and a small artificial lake. The immense city park is an open-air museum where you can experience and admire the best of Italian art and culture.

When was the Borghese garden opened to the public?

  • Villa Borghese. Villa Borghese of Rome is one of the largest urban parks in Europe. The State acquired the gardens from the Borghese family in 1901 and opened them to the public on .

Who created the statue of puškin in Borghese?

  • Lyric: Mignon alongside the old harpist Lotario. philosophy: Faust attempted by Mephisto. In the enchanting gardens of Villa Borghese stands the statue of the famous Russian poet and playwright Aleksandr Puškin, who died in 1837. His monument was created by a Russian sculptor and placed in the Villa in 1999.

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