How old is the song Children by Robert Miles?


How old is the song Children by Robert Miles?

How old is the song Children by Robert Miles?

His 1995 composition "Children" sold more than 5 million copies and topped the charts worldwide.

What genre of music is Children by Robert Miles?

Dream trance techno "Children" is an instrumental composition by Italian composer Robert Miles....Children (composition)
GenreDream trance techno
Length7:21 (original version) 4:03 (radio edit)
LabelDBX (Italy) Arista (US)
Songwriter(s)Roberto Concina

Is Robert Miles still alive?

Deceased (1969–2017) Robert Miles

What nationality was Robert Miles?

Italian Swiss Robert Miles/Nazionalità

Why did Robert Miles call children?

The Trance Project is looking back on Robert Miles' No. 1 smash hit, 'Children'. ... 'Children' was Robert's immediate and typically honest emotional response to pictures of the child victims of war with which his father had just returned from a humanitarian mission to the ex-Yugoslavia.

Is DJ Robert Miles dead?

Deceased (1969–2017) Robert Miles

What did Robert Miles died from?

unspecified illness Robert Miles, the trance producer behind the 1996 hit “Children,” has died of an unspecified illness in Ibiza at the age of 47. DJ Mag Italia first posted the news regarding Miles, born Roberto Concina, with the producer's longtime friend and collaborator Joe T. Vannelli confirming Miles' death in a Facebook statement.

What year did Robert Miles Release Children?

1996 Children/Data di uscita

Who did Children's song?

Robert Miles Children/Artisti

How old is Robert Miles?

47 years (1969–2017) Robert Miles/Età al momento della morte

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