Come finisce la storia di dottor Jekyll e mister Hyde?


Come finisce la storia di dottor Jekyll e mister Hyde?

Come finisce la storia di dottor Jekyll e mister Hyde?

Quando Mr. Enfield e suo cugino arrivano, però, è troppo tardi: nella stanza vi è il cadavere di Hyde, morto suicida, e una lettera di Jekyll indirizzata ad Utterson. L'avvocato, allora, decide di leggere prima lo scritto di Lanyon e poi il memoriale del dottore che costituisce anche l'ultimo capitolo del libro.

What happens at the beginning of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Summary. At the book's opening, two men, Mr. Utterson and his cousin Mr. Richard Enfield, are leisurely walking through London. Initially silent, the men pass a mysterious basement cellar door, and Mr. Enfield launches into a story about a strange occurrence related to the door.

What happens to the mysterious man in Dr Jekyll and Mr Enfield?

  • The girl's family and Mr. Enfield catch the mysterious man and instead of getting the police, decide to force him to give the girl's family money. Agreeable to this compromise, the mysterious man disappears into the cellar door and returns with a check bearing not his own name, but that of the respectable Dr. Jekyll.

How does Utterson conclude that Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll?

  • Utterson concludes that Hyde is blackmailing Jekyll and resolves to seek the man out to understand why. After tracking the man down, Hyde is initially civil but turns angry when Utterson extends the conversation, probing into his relationship with Dr. Jekyll.

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