Dove è stato girato The Young Pope?


Dove è stato girato The Young Pope?

Dove è stato girato The Young Pope?

Le riprese si sono svolte in diverse location: Roma (dove, a Cinecittà, sono stati ricostruiti gli ambienti vaticani) ma anche in Abruzzo (dove è stata ricostruita una serra in un monastero), sulle sponde del Piave e tra le montagne di Cortina.

Quante stagioni ha The Young Pope?

Co-produzione internazionale finanziata da Sky plc, HBO e Canal+ che vede tra i protagonisti Jude Law, Diane Keaton, Silvio Orlando, Cécile de France e James Cromwell, la serie ha avuto un seguito, The New Pope....
The Young Pope
Durata46-60 min (episodio)

Chi è Bauer in the new pope?

4. Il cardinal Voiello (Silvio Orlando)

Quanti episodi sono The new pope?

9 The New Pope/Numero di puntate

Why did Voiello lose the conclave in the Young Pope?

  • In The Young Pope, Voiello lost the conclave because he couldn't convince the cardinals that supported Spencer to sway and vote for him. However, he accepted that it was for the best when he didn't become the pope because he was better at politics, not the papacy.

How did Giuseppe Voiello take the papacy?

  • In The New Pope, that same half of the Conclave wouldn't sway from Hernandez, and Voiello stayed as the pope's protector. He pulled off the final trick to taking the papacy when he shipped Hernandez to Kabul, effectively eliminating opposition in the Vatican.

Why was Voiello the longest-serving Secretary of State in the Vatican?

  • Voiello told Pius XIII in The Young Pope that he was the longest-serving Secretary of State in the Vatican because he always protects the pope. As far as Voiello was concerned, protecting the pope's secrets and the Vatican is his job. When John Paul III bent to Spalleta's will and asked him to resign, Voiello didn't even fight back.

What happened to the mole on the Young Pope?

  • The mole, largely content to be seen and not heard on The Young Pope, finally gets its moment in the spotlight in the first episode of The New Pope as Voiello decides that it’s time for him to assume the highest position in the Catholic Church for himself.

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