How old was Gene Pitney when he died?


How old was Gene Pitney when he died?

How old was Gene Pitney when he died?

66 anni (1940–2006) Gene Pitney/Età al momento della morte Correction: Ap, Saturday An obituary of the pop singer Gene Pitney on April 6 misstated his age. He was 66, not 65.

Did Gene Pitney record black is black?

Lead singer Mike Kogel's vocals sounded so similar to Gene Pitney that many listeners assumed that "Black Is Black" was a Pitney single. In August 1966, the song debuted at number 100 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

When did Gene Pitney The singer died?

5 aprile 2006 Gene Pitney/Data di morte

Is Mo Pitney related to the singer Gene Pitney?

Step up Mo Pitney (no relation to Gene), an ambitious 22 year old from a very musical family. He chatted to me from his home in Nashville, the city he moved to four years ago with his parents and siblings, while getting ready to go out on the road and continue his current radio tour.

Who did Gene Pitney marry?

Lynne Gaytonm. 1967–2006 Gene Pitney/Coniuge Personal life. At the height of his fame in 1967, Pitney married his childhood sweetheart, Lynne Gayton, and the couple had three sons, Todd, Chris, and David.

Is Gene Pitney still alive?

Deceased (1940–2006) Gene Pitney

Did Gene Pitney sing with Los Bravos?

In 1966, a lot of music fans thought that “Black Is Black” — a huge hit attributed to a group named Los Bravos — was actually recorded by pop star Gene Pitney in an attempt to get around record company restrictions.

Is Los Bravos Gene Pitney?

The band was an amalgamation of two pop groups, Los Sonor from Madrid and The Runaways from Mallorca. Los Bravos' lead singer, Mike Kogel, is from Germany. His vocal styling was sometimes likened to Gene Pitney's. "Black is Black" reached No.

Is Singer Gene Pitney still alive?

Deceased (1940–2006) Gene Pitney

Is Gene Pitney still living?

Deceased (1940–2006) Gene Pitney

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