Who won Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose?


Who won Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose?

Who won Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose?

Dean Ambrose: Winner, Reaction for WWE Elimination Chamber 2015. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose renewed their rivalry Sunday night at Elimination Chamber, and the so-called Architect of The Shield received his comeuppance as he was defeated by Ambrose.

What did Seth Rollins do to Dean Ambrose?

Seth Rollins slipped into a new skin, that of a top heel, when he smashed Dean Ambrose's head into a stack of concrete blocks. That savage act will remain imprinted on fans' minds for years to come.

Who is Seth Rollins wife?

Rebecca Quinm. 2021 Seth Rollins/Moglie

Why is Dean Ambrose not in WWE?

WWE is saying goodbye to another legend. The 33-year-old wrestler known as the Lunatic Fringe was allegedly not renewing his contract in April due to unhappiness with his current role in the profession. ...

Is Dean Ambrose coming back to WWE 2020?

Ambrose has since made it clear that he won't be making his return to WWE. He is now a former AEW World Champion and one of the hottest stars in the company under the name Jon Moxley. The former WWE star recently revealed that he hopes to retire from the business with AEW.

Who else is leaving WWE?

WWE released 10 wrestlers from their contracts, the company announced Thursday. Samoa Joe, Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, Mickie James, Chelsea Green, Tucker, Kalisto, Bo Dallas, Mojo Rawley and Wesley Blake were all let go.

Who is Seth Rollins best friend?

3 Loves: Cesaro A recent interview saw Seth name Cesaro as his best friend on the road since the two love to work out at the same gyms and get coffee at the same places before shows. Rollins found a lifelong friend in Cesaro many years ago with a bond that's as strong as ever today.

What is Seth Rollins real name?

Colby Daniel Lopez Seth Rollins/Nome completo

Who is Dean Ambrose married to?

Renee Youngm. 2017 Jon Moxley/Coniuge

Why did CM Punk retired?

It gave him the hope that maybe AEW would be different from his past experiences. In December 2020, Punk finally took himself out of the UFC's USADA drug-testing pool, rendering him essentially retired from MMA. Meanwhile, Punk said WWE had been reaching out to him about a return as well, through intermediaries.

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