Dove vedere puntate Big Time Rush?


Dove vedere puntate Big Time Rush?

Dove vedere puntate Big Time Rush?

Big Time Rush | Sky.

Quando si fanno i Big Time Rush?

Big Time Rush
Dal28 novembre 2009
Al25 luglio 2013
Rete televisivaNickelodeon
Prima TV in italiano

Quante stagioni ha Big Time Rush?

4Big Time Rush / Numero di stagioni

Quali sono i nomi dei Big Time Rush?

Kendall SchmidtVoce Logan HendersonVoceJames MaslowVoceCarlos Pena Jr.Voce Big Time Rush/Membri I Big Time Rush sono una boy band statunitense creata e lanciata per Viacom Music e TV , che firmò un contratto discografico nel 2009, divenuta famosa grazie alla serie televisiva Big Time Rush. La band è composta da 4 membri: Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Vega e Logan Henderson.

Who are the members of Big Time Rush?

  • Join Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan of Big Time Rush in their first-ever concert special, recorded live in New York City. Did You Know?

Who are Big Time Rush on the Masked Singer?

  • Kendall Knight, James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell are four high school hockey fans from Minnesota. They are given an opportunity by record producer, Gustavo Rocque, to move to Hollywood as part of his latest boy band project known as Big Time Rush.

Will Griffin decide the future of Big Time Rush?

  • It's been three months since the boys of Big Time Rush moved to Hollywood to record their demos. Now it's up to Griffin to decide the future of the band. Error: please try again.

Is it time to build some hype around Big Time Rush?

  • Gustavo thinks it's time to build some hype around Big Time Rush and sets up an important interview with famous blogger Deke. Deke has been known to make or break a career, so the guys must get this right. Error: please try again. Gustavo needs a place to stay while his mansion is flooded.

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