Quanto costa mangiare da Uliassi a Senigallia?


Quanto costa mangiare da Uliassi a Senigallia?

Quanto costa mangiare da Uliassi a Senigallia?

Prezzi: quanto costa il Lab 2019 di Mauro Uliassi Sono 8 portate più predessert, dessert e benvenuto dello chef. Si spende qualcosa in meno, ovvero 160 euro, facendo l'Easy Lab 2019, con “sei corse scelte da Mauro”.

Quanto si spende da Uliassi?

Uliassi – Senigallia Specialità pesce, si mangia a un passo dal mare. Prezzi: Menu degustazione 1 euro.

Quante stelle Michelin ha Enrico Crippa?

Tre stelle Michelin e un sesto posto nella classifica dei 50 ristoranti migliori al mondo per il suo Piazza Duomo: conosciamo meglio lo chef Enrico Crippa.

Who is uliassi restaurant?

  • We are two siblings, born and raised in Senigallia. We opened Uliassi Restaurant in 1990 passionate and light-hearted. We wanted people to thrill for our cuisine and we aspired to make them come back. Later on, what was a pastime for us became slowly a firm reality.

Why choose uliassi Senigallia?

  • We came to Senigallia because of Uliassi and it was absolutely worth to do it. The Uliassi restaurant is just a perfection in all aspects. The welcoming, setting, impeccable service with young ladies in black uniform silently moving across the tables in a super disciplined...

Where to eat in Senigallia?

  • Located at the edge of the port in Senigallia , uliassi offers a unique experience. We all went for the summer tasting menu (uliassi estate) which was... a super interesting mix of mainly fish plates and some final touches of birds. We loved the food and the atmosphere; we went also for local wine and were very happy with the choices we made.

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