Chi è il chitarrista dei Depeche Mode?


Chi è il chitarrista dei Depeche Mode?

Chi è il chitarrista dei Depeche Mode?

Martin Gore Depeche Mode/Chitarristi

Quanti anni ha Martin Gore?

60 anni (23 luglio 1961) Martin Gore/Età

Come sono nati i Depeche Mode?

I Depeche Mode sono un gruppo musicale britannico formatosi a Basildon presso Londra nel 1980. ... La formazione originaria comprendeva anche Vince Clarke (tastiere, chitarra, cori, drum machine), il quale ha lasciato la band nel 1981 per fondare gli Yazoo con Alison Moyet e in seguito gli Erasure con Andy Bell.

Who is the songwriter for Depeche Mode?

  • When Clarke announced his departure from Depeche Mode in 1981, Gore became the principal songwriter for the band. Gore had been writing material since the age of 12. Songs Gore wrote for Depeche Mode's second album, A Broken Frame (1982) differed musically and lyrically from Clarke's.

What happened to Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode?

  • A few days later, after another medical consultation, Gahan learned that he'd cracked two ribs and suffered some internal hemorrhaging. Depeche Mode's seemingly endless touring in 19 took its toll on Dave Gahan, but it also proved difficult and medically upsetting to bandmate Martin Gore.

When was the first time Depeche Mode played together?

  • Gore recalled that the first time the band played as Depeche Mode was a school gig in May 1980. There is a plaque commemorating the gig at the James Hornsby School in Basildon, where Gore and Fletcher were pupils.

What makes Depeche Mode's “gore” so good?

  • But the reason that’s all the case is because it’s so damn good. The lush strings, the driving kick drum beat, and of course Gore’s incredibly hooky chorus vocal makes the song shine over much of their catalog. Not only is this one of the best Gore songs, it’s one of the best Depeche Mode songs in general.

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