Is Rock the Casbah offensive?


Is Rock the Casbah offensive?

Is Rock the Casbah offensive?

Equally dismaying: the song was one of many banned from U.S. radio after the September 11 attacks because Clear Channel deemed it “inappropriate,” along with “Walk Like an Egyptian,” “Knockin' on Heaven's Door” (both versions) and everything by Rage Against the Machine.

What does take me to the Casbah mean?

The amorous skunk used "Come with me to ze Casbah" as a pickup line. In 1954, the Looney Tunes cartoon The Cat's Bah, which specifically spoofed Algiers, the skunk enthusiastically declared to Penelope Pussycat "Do not come with me to ze Casbah. We are already here!"

Who wrote Rock the Casbah?

Topper Headon Mick JonesJoe StrummerPaul Simonon Rock the Casbah/Compositori

Where was Rock the Casbah filmed?

“I went three decades before I had another job like that.” But Rock the Kasbah filmed on location in Morocco. “It was great working in Morocco, where my phone didn't work,” Murray said.

Is the Casbah a real place?

The Casbah (Arabic: قصبة, qaṣba, meaning citadel) is the citadel of Algiers in Algeria and the traditional quarter clustered around it.

What's the meaning of kasbah?

A kasbah was a place for the local leader to live and a defense when a city was under attack. A kasbah has high walls, usually without windows. Sometimes, like in Tangiers, they were built on hilltops so that they could be more easily defended. Some were placed near the entrance to harbors.

Does the Casbah still exist?

The Casbah is the citadel (fortress) built over the ancient city of Icosium, overlooking the Mediterranean. Although it doesn't exist anymore, the ramparts of Icosium mark that the city has been constructed on the top of a hill sloping down towards the sea and diving the city into a High Town and Low Town area.

What does Casbah mean in Arabic?

A kasbah (/ˈkæzbɑː/, also US: /ˈkɑːz-/; Arabic: قَـصَـبَـة, romanized: qaṣaba, Arabic pronunciation: [qasˤaba], Moroccan Arabic [qasˤba] 'central part of a town; citadel'), also spelled casbah or qasbah, more rarely as qasaba, gasaba or qasabeh, in India also as qassabah, is a type of fortress, a citadel.

Why is there a ringtone in Rock the Casbah?

Theory: The Clash added the ringtone sound to the song "Rock the Casbah" as a political jab to the use of cellphones as IED detonators in the Middle East. ... In an effort to stick it to the establishment from the top, he chose a sample of his favorite song to be played whenever someone received a call.

What city is the Casbah in?

of Algiers The Casbah (Arabic: قصبة‎, qaṣba, meaning citadel) is the citadel of Algiers in Algeria and the traditional quarter clustered around it....Casbah of Algiers.
UNESCO World Heritage Site
CriteriaCultural: ii, v
Inscription1992 (16th Session)
Area54.7 ha

What does "rock the Casbah" mean?

  • To “Rock the Casbah” now means to DO something that YOU think is right because it is RIGHT even if some AUTHORITY has BANNED it. The genesis of Rock the Casbah came from drummer Topper Headon * (who had joined the Clash after their first album). Topper wrote the music & the original lyrics which were discarded by Joe Strummer .

What is the song 'Rock the Casbah' about?

  • General Comment The song was inspired by the banning of rock music in Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini . The song gives a fictitious account of the ban being defied by the population who proceed to "rock the casbah", causing the King to order jet fighters to bomb the revellers.

Where was rock the Kasbah filmed?

  • The music video for "Rock the Casbah" was filmed in Austin, Texas by director Don Letts on 8 and . It intermixes footage of The Clash (with Terry Chimes on the drums; miming a performance of the song, with a storyline depicting two characters travelling together throughout Texas.

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