Who has Tim Walker photographer?


Who has Tim Walker photographer?

Who has Tim Walker photographer?

At the age of 25 he shot his first fashion story for Vogue, and has photographed for the British, Italian and American editions ever since. He has also contributed to Harpers Bazaar, W, i-D and Vanity Fair magazines, and advertising campaigns for brands such as Yohji Yamamoto, Guerlain and Dior Parfums.

Where does Tim Walker live?

London Timothy Walker HonFRPS (born 1970) is a British fashion photographer, who regularly works for Vogue, W and Love magazines. He is based in London.

What does Tim Walker shoot with?

Tim Walker uses both film and digital, and loves his Pentax 67.

How would you describe Tim walkers photography?

Walker has a very specific take on fashion photography. His work is theatrical, bordering on surrealist and – to state the obvious about a man who once dyed Persian cats pastel – incredibly romantic. Every fantastical scene is created with props, and all the meticulously crafted tableaux existed at some point.

Where is Tim Walker from?

England, United Kingdom Tim Walker/Luogo di nascita

Who inspired Tim Walker?

An embroidered box, a painting of Krishna, a photograph of Edith Sitwell – these are some of the artworks and artefacts that British photographer Tim Walker took inspiration from, after a year of research at London's Victoria & Albert Museum.

Where did Tim Walker go to college?

Exeter College of Art and Design1994 Tim Walker/Istruzione

Where was Tim Walker born?

England, United Kingdom Tim Walker/Luogo di nascita

What is Tim Walker's style?

He has since become well-known for his otherworldly, surrealist, and occasionally grotesque images, both in fashion and portraiture. Throughout, the V&A artefacts are displayed alongside the photographic work that they inspired, lending the objects that ignited Walker's imagination a certain talismanic quality.

What is Tim Walker's inspiration?

Walker cites as inspirations Richard Avedon, Horst P. Horst, Irving Penn and Helmut Newton, and he's keen to understand what it is that makes some fashion photography, in his words, “transcend its commerce”. ... So it's revealing that, alongside photography, Walker has also made short films and videos.

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