Is Ariston an Italian brand?


Is Ariston an Italian brand?

Is Ariston an Italian brand?

Ariston was founded by Aristide Merloni in 1930 as a family owned business in Fabriano, Italy. Originally manufacturing weight scales, we quickly diversified to manufacturing domestic appliances such as: cooktops, hot water systems, and liquid gas cylinders.

Who produces Ariston?

Ariston Holding NV is an Italian corporation (whose legal seat was transferred to the Netherlands in 2021) that produces heating systems and related products, marketed mainly under the Ariston, Chaffoteaux, Elco, Racold, Régent, Atag, NTI, HTP, Cuenod, Ecoflam and Thermowatt brands.

Where is Ariston water heater made?

Ariston is a reputable brand originating from Italy, that is among the top of our best-selling water heater brands.

Is Racold indian company?

Racold Thermo is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Italy's Ariston Thermo Group which manufactures the Racold brand in India. ... The Chakan plant used to manufactured electric water heaters, gas based water heaters and solar water heaters.

What happened Ariston?

The company collapsed in 1964 with massive debts. Liquidators found thousands of unsold washing machines in warehouses. ... Tallent briefly re-branded the machines under its own name, but by 1965 they were marketed as Colstons before the appliance division of Tallent was taken over by the Italian firm Ariston in 1979.

Is Ariston now Hotpoint?

At the beginning of 2007, Hotpoint completely took over Indesit and merged it into its own historic brand Ariston, creating a single entity known as 'Hotpoint Ariston', Hotpoint now existing as a branding on European-made products.

Is Ariston water heater good?

Ariston water heaters are ranked among the best-looking units in the current market. ... With their efficient functions, safety features, precise water temperature settings, and other updated components, Ariston water heaters are guaranteed to provide you with a highly comfortable showering experience.

How long is the warranty for Ariston water heater?

5 Years Ariston AN2RS15L Storage Water Heater AN15R
Size (W X H X D)360mm X 360mm X 324mm
Weight8 kg
Warranty period5 Years
Warranty typeLocal (Singapore) manufacturer warranty
1 altra riga

Who owns AO Smith?

In 1997, after 90 years in the automotive industry, A.O. Smith sold its Automotive Products Company to Tower International.

Who owns Racold?

Ariston Group Racold Thermo is a fully-owned subsidiary of Italy's Ariston Group.

What is the history of the Ariston Group?

  • The production of electric water heaters dates back to 1960, with the appearance of the Ariston brand, which would propel the Group to leader status in this sector in Italy with the dawn of the 1970s. Following the success of Ariston heaters, in the 1980s the company decided to enter the space heating sector and started manufacturing boilers.

Who is Ariston Thermo?

  • Ariston Thermo SpA is an Italian corporation that produces heating systems and related products, marketed mainly under the Ariston, Chaffoteaux, Elco, Racold, Régent, Atag, NTI, HTP, Cuenod, Ecoflam and Thermowatt brands.

What happened to Colston and Ariston?

  • Initially the company traded as Colston-Ariston, dropping the Colston name after a few years. The service division split from the sales division as Ariston Group Service under Don Campbell. The sales division now not only sold a huge range of domestic appliances, White Goods, but also had a built in division as well as selling complete kitchens.

What is the origin of the name Ariston?

  • Ariston (from Greek: Ἀρίστων) may refer to: As an Ancient Greek name: Ariston of Sparta (6th century BC), Eurypontid King of Sparta. Ariston of Athens (died circa 424 BC), father of Plato. Ariston of Byzantium (fl. 500 BC), tyrant of the city of Byzantium.

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