Quanti anni ha Travis Barker?


Quanti anni ha Travis Barker?

Quanti anni ha Travis Barker?

46 anni (14 novembre 1975) Travis Barker/Età

Quanto è alto Travis Barker?

1,75 m Travis Barker/Altezza

Chi è il batterista di Machine Gun Kelly?

Travis Landon Barker Travis Landon Barker (Fontana, 14 novembre 1975) è un batterista, cantautore e produttore discografico statunitense.

What does the name Blink 182 mean?

  • blink-182, formerly known as Duct Tape and blink, is a pop punk band from Poway, California. Though they had to change the official name of the band from blink due to another group with the same name, they are still most commonly referred to by fans as simply blink.

How did Blink 182 get their name?

  • The name Blink was thought up by Tom DeLonge when the band consisted of Tom, Mark, and their friend Scott Raynor (before Blink they called themselves Duck Tape). They were forced to change it because an Irish electronica artist was already using that name, so they added "182" to the end.

Who are the current members of Blink 182?

  • Facts about Blink 182 1: the current members of Blink 182. Let’s find out the current members of Blink 182. It includes the vocalist and guitarist Matt Skiba, drummer Travis Baker and vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus.

Who is the girl in Blink 182 video?

  • Before appearing in 90's rock band blink-182 's video for "What's My Age Again?", or making an appearance in skin-tight nursing scrubs on the front cover of the band's 1999 album Enema of the State, Janine Lindemulder was a model and adult actress for over a decade.

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