What is the meaning of the idiom white-collar?


What is the meaning of the idiom white-collar?

What is the meaning of the idiom white-collar?

/ˌwaɪtˈkɒl.ər/ us. /ˌwaɪtˈkɑː.lɚ/ relating to people who work in offices, doing work that needs mental rather than physical effort: white-collar workers/unions. Compare.6 giorni fa

What is white-collar about on Netflix?

White Collar told the story of a white collar criminal who temporarily hangs up his criminal boots and begins helping the FBI hunt down other criminals from his previous life. Matt Bomer was the headline cast member but starred alongside Tim DeKay, Willie Garson, Tiffani Thiessen, Sharif Atkins and Marsha Thomason.

Why is it called white-collar?

Etymology. The term refers to the white dress shirts of male office workers common through most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Western countries, as opposed to the blue overalls worn by many manual laborers.

What is collar job?

You may be familiar with the terms “white collar” and “blue collar”—occupational classifications used simply to distinguish employees who perform manual labor from the office employees. The notion is that people in white-collar jobs have higher pay grade, while blue-collared post runs by hourly wage.

What is yellow collar job?

Yellow-Collar Worker – People in the creative field, They may spend time doing both white and blue-collar tasks as well as tasks outside either category example: Photographers, Filmmakers, Directors, Editors.

What is black collar?

Black collar – Manual laborers in industries in which workers generally become very dirty, such as mining or oil-drilling; has also been used to describe workers in illegal professions.

How old is Neal?

age 44 Neal was an elusive White Collar criminal, and after a three-year chase, he was eventually apprehended by FBI agent Peter Burke....Neal Caffrey.
Neal George Caffrey
Birth Date(1977-03-21) Ma (age 44)
Professionnone/unknown (current) FBI Consultant (Former) Thief (Former) Fugitive (Former)

Why was white collar canceled?

Why was 'White Collar' cancelled? 'White Collar' was cancelled due to a steady decline in its ratings since the end of season 4, along with the networks creative decision to create more space for edgier show. Had the ratings and viewership been consistently high, the show might have had a chance.

Is firefighter blue collar?

Firefighting is a blue collar job, and firefighters must regularly do whatever needs to get done regardless of what is required.

Do blue collar jobs pay well?

Some traditionally blue-collar jobs pay very well. BLS has data for jobs typically viewed as blue-collar, such as construction and extraction occupations. Here are the 30 blue-collar jobs that have the highest median salaries as of May 2020. See more stories on Insider's business page.

When is the last season of white collar?

  • On March 2014, the series was renewed for a sixth season, which was confirmed to be its final season the following September. The season premiered on Novem. On December 18, after the airing of the last episode of the sixth season, White Collar ended its run.

Who is a victim of white collar crime?

  • Other "non-person" victims of white collar crime include businesses, financial institutions, government agencies, religious organizations and society organizations. Businesses are the most likely non-person victims of white collar crimes like fraud, counterfeiting and embezzlement, followed by financial institutions and government agencies.

What is the difference between blue and white collar?

  • The following are the major differences between blue collar and white collar: Blue collar jobs are a kind of job that needs a worker to perform physical labor in the workplace. White Collar jobs in which a person has to perform administrative or professional work. Blue collar workers wear blue attire so that dirt and dust are not shown.

Who are the main characters in white collar?

  • White Collar is a USA Network television series created by Jeff Eastin , starring Tim DeKay as FBI Special Agent Peter Burke and Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey , a highly intelligent and multitalented con artist working as Burke's criminal informant. Willie Garson and Tiffani Thiessen also star.

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