Come bere Select?


Come bere Select?

Come bere Select?

Versate il prosecco in un calice da vino. Aggiungete Select e colmate con soda o seltz. Guarnite con un'oliva verde grande.

Dove viene prodotto il Select?

CARATTERE VENEZIANO DAL 1920 Unicità, originalità, gusto: in nessun'altra città al mondo questi concetti hanno un valore particolare come a Venezia. Non è un caso che Select sia nato proprio qui, nel sestiere di Castello, cuore storico della città.

Quanto costa una bottiglia di Campari?

13,50 € Il miglior prezzo online per Campari Bitter è di 13,50 €

Is select aperitivo still the Venetian aperitif?

  • Almost a century has passed, but today, Select Aperitivo is still known as the true icon of the Venetian aperitif: a unique bitter that is served at the iconic bars in the Lagoon and by bartenders around the world, eager to offer something unique and special.

Why is it called select aperitif?

  • The name was both intentional and fortuitous; selectus means “to select” in Latin, and Select Aperitivo would become the aperitif of choice for 100 years and counting. One sip of a Select Spritz and you’ll understand why we wouldn’t dare change the original recipe.

What are the primary and secondary notes in select aperitivo?

  • Strong and tonic primary notes, with citrus fruit and essential oils, combined with fresh, balsamic, resinous eucalyptus and menthol notes. Secondary notes are complex and herbaceous. At first taste, Select Aperitivo is complex and intense with bitter notes from roots and barks.

How do you drink the Venetian select Spritz?

  • Enjoying the effervescent, sessionable Select Spritz is as easy as 1-2-3: mix our one -of-akind classic Venetian Aperitivo with two types of bubbles for the most refreshing three -ingredient cocktail. Start with an effortlessly elegant stemmed wine glass. Add ice, Select Aperitivo, Prosecco and soda. Stir gently and garnish with one green olive.

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